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Burma Shave vs. Dollar Shave Club, in some ways both companies are a lot a like. For an example, both are tailoring to men and their hygiene. Burma Shave is shaving cream and Dollar Shave Club is razors for shaving. Although, reading the blog, I read that Dollar Shave Clue would be releasing a new video promoting their new shaving cream. Another example of how both companies are alike would be their target audience and how they attract the attention of potential customers. Both companies use humor to advertise their product and as Michael Dubin says “People tend to remember things when they’re musically presented, and comedy is a form of music.”
Each campaign has innovative ways to catch the customer’s attention just by doing everyday activities. During the time of Burma, they would have road signs posted on high traffic highways with humors “poems” or “jingles” to catch the attention of the passer by, which would later become what we call now “billboards.” During this time period this would be the easiest way to advertise to the mass because television was not a common household item.
Dollar Shave Club also uses humor to grab our attention but uses video format rather than signs. They made a low budget commercial with an excellent script and balls. People like to laugh and want
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Cute, white, fluffy bears drinking a fresh cold Cola. Who doesn’t love that? It’s appealing to almost everyone and on the inside you feel compassion for the two bears. I feel like I definitely fit in the criteria of the target audience for Coca-Cola. I love a great beverage and when I see two polar bears that look like a family unit under the sky in the beautiful white blanket of snow, I feel happy. And you know what else makes me feel happy? A Coca-Cola. In fact, I just called my brother in law on his way home and asked him to pick me up two “glass” bottles of Coke. That is how effective Coke’s marketing
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