Dollar Store Case Study Analysis

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1. “You went to the Chuck E. Cheese on Downs Boulevard? That one is dirty. Why didn’t you go to the one on Universal Avenue? It’s bigger and cleaner.” 2. “You really need to shop at the Burlington in Plymouth Meeting, not Cedarbrook Mall. You’ll find nicer clothes and shoes when you go to Plymouth Meeting.” 3. “Oh, we don’t have any supplies in stock at this Dollar Store. We’re under new management and trying to improve our conditions.” What am I trying to prove with these true examples? I use the illustrations to show how much I support the following statement in our reading, – “Today, we recognize that geography is the greatest predictor of inclusive education—not disability. It’s where you live that matters.” That is a convincing statement by Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey from our text, “What 20+ Years of Secondary Inclusion Has Taught Us.” Many factors contribute to geographic gains, such as socioeconomic status, proper funding, and mutual goals between parents and educators. Furthermore, in my critical analysis, I want to note that geography is not only the determining factor. I believe management or administration plays an integral role in the discussion and implementation of proper services for children in certain schools. As in the case of the Dollar Store, it wasn’t…show more content…
In addition to education, Jamie taught a lesson on real-life skills, such as getting and maintaining her own living environment. This idea worried her parents until several peers roomed with Jamie, another opportunity to foster a sense of belonging. Though she died of a congenital heart condition a few years after, Jamie experienced a wholesome life after inclusion. From her father’s testimony, it seems as though the people who attended her funeral did not have regrets for how they influenced her
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