Dollar Tree Case Summary

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Understanding the typology within this industry is imperative either using Porter’s or Miles and Snow. In my opinion, I appreciate Dollar Tree’s current position of being an analyzer in this low-cost strategy industry. Differentiation obstacles do not currently nor are projected to exist within the industry. Nevertheless, understanding areas to become a differentiator in and effort to take away competitor share without increasing product costs is an area I would recommend Dollar Tree distinguish itself. One main aspect that Dollar Tree faces is rebranding the Family Dollar store. The cost associated with gaining synergies would be impactful to the current bottom line. Stakeholder and investors have a passionate desire for improved shareholder…show more content…
Deployment of micro-localization would occur in a two-stage approach. First occurring, in the communities where Wal-Mart Express has retreated. Secondly, focusing efforts on Dollar General markets where Dollar Tree opportunities readily exist. If strategies take place to diverse customers offerings, it would be hard for competitors to recognize and often Dollar General would typically deploy a generic strategy (Parnell, 2014). Keeping Dollar General off guard with a micro level market approach and focusing on opportunities for synergies and process improvements of the supply chain to reduce expenses would be the focus. Dollar Tree should be instituting micro-localization strategy for areas that recently have a competitor removed (Parnell, 2014). Dollar Tree must take advantage of Wal-Mart leaving the communities where current Dollar Tree stores were present (Levine-Weingberg, 2016). Dollar General and Dollar Tree will both be competing for these potential new customers. I would buy advertising and support the local communities with charitable giving to promote the relationship between Dollar Tree and the
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