The Fall Of Don Juan Analysis

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Sometimes we love someone so much that we will take a certain amount of damage in order to make sure that they are happy. If the weight is too heavy we change our environment. In the story a dolls house and the fall of Don Juan there are two male figures who dominate the female characters. Michael from Don Juan was very arrogant and decided that he was in high demand because he felt like he was a very handsome man. In a dolls house the husband of the family felt like his wife was more of property than anything. These show patriarchy in true form. I feel like the woman in these stories were the ones to make the change for themselves to see that they were happy. The setting of Don Juan was a diner. The couple of Michael and Natalie were sitting at a table. Throughout the story Michael talks about how sexy he looks and how many females are attracted to him. And that the girl should be luck that they are together. Up until the witness steps in he is held on a very high pedestal. Once the witness comes in the story Michael decides that he wants to marry the young woman. Blank becomes uncertain. Michael in the story gets mad easily when the witness seems to have some type of charm that his girlfriend is…show more content…
In a dolls house the wife left because she felt as if she was not wanted enough by her husband. She also felt that he could not provide enough for her. So she left her whole family and found someone with more money and made herself happy. In the fall of Don Juan the female character was more and more turned off each second by Michael 's actions. She ended up marrying the witness right in front of him. It wasn 't really his charm it was how he treated the woman that he 's been with. That 's how he won her over. These two different characters from two different stories felt that they should always be happy an if someone is taking that away you leave them
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