Dolly Madison Saved The Day Analysis

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Dolly was to James Madison as a hammer is to a nail. A nail can’t just go into something by itself. The nail needs something to help it or guide it through an object. The hammer is the ideal tool used to do the job. Dolly was that hammer to James Madison. Mrs. Madison guided her husband through his presidency. With dedication to continue to help James Madison, Dolley was well respected by the public. She was as dedicated to James Madison as he depended on her. Without Dolley Madison, James Madison’s presidency would have been a totally different story. Dolley helped an impeachable president become a hero. According to the article “Dolley Madison’s White House was one of the few places in the nation where hope and determination continued to…show more content…
Mrs.Madison helped her husband, appeared publicly, and was a big political influence. These three things had not been done by a first lady before Dolly. In Dolly Madison Saves The Day, Thomas Fleming exemplifies Mrs.Madison’s precedents she set. The Article states “And if the president looked as if he had one foot in the grave, Dolley bloomed. More and more people began bestowing a new title on her: first lady, the first wife of a U.S. president to be so designated. Dolley had created a semi-public office as well as a unique role for herself and those who would follow her in the White House.” This reveals Mrs.Madison set the precedent of helping the country and being there for her husband. Instead of following in the footsteps of the other first ladies, she created her own path to walk on. When Madison was in trouble, she was there for him. When Madison needed advice, she was there for him. When Madison needed anything, Dolly Madison was there to help. This changed the ways of a first lady. It opened a door that that couldn’t be shut to other first ladies like Sarah Polk and Abigail Filmer. Both first ladies helped their husband significantly. Sarah Polk used her education to write speeches and letters to people for her husband. This act definitely followed in the footsteps of Dolley. Just like Dolly, Mrs.Polk didn’t stay hidden and helped her husband on the important stuff. Abigail Filmer followed Dolley too. Mrs.Filmer taught Mr.Filmer at the New Hope Academy and shared her love of books with him. Both of these examples show a first lady helping their husband. Without Dolley the first lady might of been too afraid to help her husband. Because of Dolly the first lady has been helping the president on a lot of
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