Dolly Parton Personality

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“I 'm no natural beauty. If I 'm gonna have any looks at all, I 'm gonna have to create them.”~ Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton portrays herself as a “Backwoods Barbie” with the big hair and the plastic surgery, but nothing about Dolly Parton’s personality is fake (“Dolly Parton”). Mrs. Parton shows her personality through her music, her businesses, and the way she is always willing to help others. We should be more like Dolly Parton because of how much she has contributed to multiple charities and influenced the lives of others.
Growing up poor in rural Appalachia was not an easy start for Dolly Parton. She was one of twelve children that grew up together in a small house with no electricity. Her father was a sharecropper. He would wake up
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Dolly Parton was born into a musical family. Many people in Parton 's family sang and played instruments. Parton’s mother enjoyed playing guitar and singing in church with her young daughter Dolly. Her voice has always been known to people, especially in her community. She started performing on the local TV and radio stations at the age of 10 and sang for the first time at the Grand Ole Opry at age 13. After finishing High School, Parton packed her bags and moved to Nashville to jumpstart her career. She became famous working with country star, Porter Wagoner. She made hit songs with him such as “Jolene” and “9 to 5.” She then started her own record label and publishing company called Owe-Par. (“Dolly Parton”). 47 Grammy Award nominations and multiple Academy Awards later Dolly Parton became one of the best country singer songwriters. Her name is plastered in the Country Music Hall of Fame and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was also a recipient of the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award (“Dolly Parton: Official Source”). Dolly Parton has also influenced other artists in her lifetime such as Billy Ray Cyrus, and his daughter, Miley Cyrus. Billy Ray Cyrus tells us, “I love Dolly. I probably wouldn 't be doing what I’m doing without her.” - Billy Ray Cyrus (“Staff, Closer”). Dolly Parton was also asked by Billy Ray Cyrus to be Miley Cyrus’s
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