Dolphin Captivity Research Paper

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Dolphins are wild creatures of the sea, intelligent animals that shouldn 't be living in captivity. Captivity isn’t their regular habitat, their normal life is chasing fish on the sea. We capture them to A life in a small tank which is not healthy for dolphins. They have been slaughtered on the coast of Japan, Taiji. So after seeing what conditions some dolphins are capture and kill by Japanese fishermen on The Cove, it made me question the situations of all the dolphins that we currently saw in dolphinarium making acrobatics in captivity because money can buy everything but happiness and freedom. Just because it is a custom in their culture doesn’t mean that its right. Humanity is what we need to have a world lot better. We need to have consciousness of what is the problem.
Money can buy everything but happiness and freedom. On the International Whaling Commission, Japan had bought some countries so they can support their purpose of not protecting small cetaceans like dolphins. These countries like Cambodia or Ecuador don’t have any contact with dolphins and the ports that have been constructed by Japan are useless for their communities. Japan exchange money for votes with the countries that need it. Japan’s influence on the IWC made
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On Japan’s culture is common to eat whales and dolphin meat. Japan had many festivals where they give meat of dolphin. Based on the argument that killing dolphins came from their culture and tradition Japan had been slaughtering thousands of dolphins. I think that if things keep changing we should be flexible for new ideas. Humans have evolved since the beginning of our existence, from the Stone Age to the Contemporary. Japanese people, especially those fishermen should be open mind to understand that the slaughtering of dolphins isn’t right. Japanese people have had this costumes on their culture for generations. Most of them depend on this industry to

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