Dolphin Club Case Study

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External Justification Piece Dolphin Club will also need to maintain an effective system to manage external stakeholders such as the government, regulatory bodies, and public in general. In this section, I will highlight at how this firm can do this successfully. The strategy Coming up with an effective corporate strategy may sometimes be complex based on the nature of an organization. Crowther and Selfie say that communicating with external stakeholders who have limited knowledge about the firm may be challenging (28). The management will need to find efficient ways of passing its messages to the relevant stakeholders, especially the government and public. Dolphin is one of the foams clubs in UAE, it has won numerous rewards globally, so…show more content…
One of the ways through which a firm can gain support of the external stakeholders is by maintaining ethical practices at all times. As a firm that will be offering swimming services, Dolphin Club will always aim at providing its customers with unique experience that will earn it a positive image in the market, subsequently; this image will earn it customer loyalty in the market. Sticks with the code of ethics will lead to ethical reputation on the long run. Short-term versus long-term sustainability plans The external players may not be keen to monitor short-term sustainability plans that an organization has, unless something catastrophic happens within that period (Jeffs 94). However, it will be keen and will react to the long-term effects of the firm’s activities. Dolphin Club will be careful when it comes to issues such as clients’ safety when they come to swim, the impact of the firm’s activity on the environment, and the relationship the firm has with the…show more content…
In this case, corporate social responsibility may involve supporting environmental initiatives. This will convince the public that Dolphin Club is not only after profits, but also interested in supporting public interests. The justification of this strategy is to make clients to develop trust with the firm. A section for both staff and executives According to Freeman, both the staff and executives should be empowered to represent a firm within the society (113). Not everyone who stays in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain knows about this firm. Its employees should be its ambassadors to the external stakeholders. They should strive to give a positive image of the firm and inform the public about its effort to transform the society. The corporate values Corporate values of the firm are critical when it comes to achieving accreditation and earning public trust. In most of the cases, firms always have their vision, mission, and value statements neatly written on board and placed on strategic locations where visitors can easily read. However, the management should go beyond displaying these statements. It should be seen that it is implementing them in its daily activities (Christensen, Allworth, and Dillon

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