Dolphin Seafish Thesis Statement

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Noah Hebert
Research paper project
February 10th, 2018

My first animal i would be talking about is the killer whale. More specifically the kingdom this animal comes from is the cetacea which is a diverse set of aquatic creatures such as porpoises, dolphins, and whales. Generally cetaceans are spread out worldwide but it’s shown that most of the species enjoy living in colder waters in both the southern and northern hemispheres. These animals that belong in this kingdom have evolved to adapt and prosper in the vast ocean. Whether it’s hunting prey as a group or successfully escaping a dangerous predator, these species have proven that they definitely
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A few facts about them include they have a full mouth of teeth and aren’t found in either the black baltic seas. In fact no other animal in the ocean specifically hunt them but they are endangered. The reason for this is because there has been a rapid depletion of their main prey the chinook salmon. Not only this but Orcas are captured and used as means of entertainment,this is still being done today by seaworld.

The second cetacean mammal i 'm going to be talking about is the bottlenose dolphin. These mammals are in fact the most common type of dolphins you can find.They are known to treat each other well and be kind social animals. Its proven that dolphins interact very nicely with
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live in the higher latitudes go south for warmer areas when it’s winter. Unlike killer whales bottlenose dolphins tend to be in warmer areas where the Orcas like cold waters. An example of this would be the dolphins that live in the Atlantic near the United states migrate from New jersey to North carolina.

Bottlenose dolphins generally live in tropical areas which makes them more inclined to live in tropical areas of the world. The temperatures they live in are from 10 to 32 degrees celsius. Bottlenose dolphins neither live very deep beneath the water, but the deepest a dolphin has ever gotten was 300 meters. Killer whales are much different, they can live in waters from 0 degrees celsius. KIller whales can live in shallow coastal areas and also deep waters, usually to only about 100 meters.

Killer whales are large overall and the males are definitely larger than the females. The males on average are from 19 to 22 feet long. Their shapes are made from swimming and are roughly cylindrical. Killer whales tend to be black and white with a gray spot behind their dorsal fins. They have pointy dorsal fins and a full row of sharp teeth in their mouth and fins to help them
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