Dolphin Song Lauren St. John Character Analysis

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Dolphin Song by Lauren St. John is the story about the adventurous life of Martine. Martine had lived in a Hampshire home in England, when her parents died in a New York’s Eve blaze. Martine then moved to Africa with her grandmother, Gwyn Thomas. Martine has a giraffe named, Jemmy. She found Jemmy out in the woods with her best guy friend, Tendai. Tendai is a good influence on Martine. Tendai teaches bushmen skills to Martine. These bushmen skills can help Martine survive on a cold night in Africa when she could be by herself. Martine goes to school every day, one day her teacher, Miss Volkner tells all of her students that they are going on an ocean voyage to see the “Sardine Run.” Martine only has five other students in her class. Martine then has a vision of when she had been younger and went into the sea and almost had drowned and saw huge scary sharks. This impacted her…show more content…
How old do you think Martine is to do all of the brave stuff she did? 3. How do you feel about Martine and her nightmares? Does it affect he behavior? Does it help her be brave? From Chapter 1, Page 6: Gwyn Thomas: “You must be so excited about leaving on the school trip tomorrow,” she said. “ten whole days at sea. Ten whole days of history and nature and, I suppose, a little adventure. I envy you. I really do. I almost wish I was going with you.” Martine: “Want to swap places?” (St. John 6) Martine never even wanted to go on the trip for the ten-day cruise. She just wanted to go but never even swim. She hates sharks and hates being in the ocean because she is afraid of drowning. Martine is only eleven years old. She has lived without her parents for exactly one year before she left for the cruise. She misses them every day. She has ten bad days while she is on the cruise and stranded on islands. Martine explains in the story how she does not want to swim. She explains it in front of her whole class. Martine saw something bad was going to happen. Martine does a lot and is very
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