Dolphus Leon In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Understand, Don’t Underestimate Life, the building block for all humans, is the concept that gives each person his or her own unique personality. Although many people attempt to judge one another based on what they see, being able to truly understand somebody who is different deeper than how he or she appears to be is rarely ever done. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, author Harper Lee expands on the idea of understanding different people as readers follow characters struggling with that same idea. One character, Dolphus Raymond, a man who is seen as disturbing since he lives with negroes is not cruel and awful as most people imagine. Another man, Atticus Finch, attempts to teach his children not to judge people if you cannot apprehend and feel exactly what that person is feeling, the idea Lee tries to get across. Lee and her impactful novel, teach the most important recurring lesson through the characters Dolphus Raymond and Atticus Finch, that to truly understand or deduce a particular individual is impossible unless one can sincerely place his or herself in that individual’s position, an extremely similar process to understanding that at first thought, a rumor is only as bad a one makes it. Grasping the idea of placing oneself in the situation of another human being is only a bit harder than taking a horrible rumor as a joke. Dolphus Raymond, otherwise know as the father of in-between children, or children with one black and one white-skinned parent, is severely

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