Dom Casmorro: A Love Story

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Dom Casmorro is a story written about discovery, love, jealousy and suspison. It was written in the 1890 's, depicting the 1850 's in Rio de Janero Brazil. The name Dom Casmorro was given to Marchado de Assis by a neighbor who was one night reading verses to Marchado as he began to fall asleep. Dom Casmorro is defined by the narrator as a aristicratic air, morose, tight-lipped man, withdrawn into himself. A love story and possible betrayal. Bentinho is the main character and the narrator of the story. He becomes capitvated by his neighbor and childhood friend, Capitonlina also called Capitu. At first it was just innocent play between the two. Until one day Bento over hears Jose Dias, a dependent and confidant of the family, bringing to the attention of Bento 's mother that they maybe flitting by saying "It doesn 't look right to me for our Bentinho to be always getting into corners with the daughter of old Turtleback" (Assis 7). Bento 's mother Dona Gloria made a promise to God after her first child was still-born, she would dedicate her next son (Bento) to the chruch. After much distraction and redirection by Bento to not go to the seminary in order to be…show more content…
Through out the book Bentino also makes promises to God, to in return receive favor for something he needed. As the story goes along Bento tries to find his identity, purpose, and "calling" but is restricted by his mother 's promise to God; predestiny versus choice. Padre Cabral say 's, "without the call, you cannot have a good padre; and, in any honorable profession one may serve God, as we all ought" (Assis 82). Religion and the church plays a crucial role in "Latino" identity. From the very first interaction between the Spanards and Native people; the Spanish brought the bible and their ideas of God. Stripping the Native people of their identity and beliefs by giving them their ideas and
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