Machismo In Guatemala

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Guatemala is the land where natural beauty overwhelms the eye and traditions and culture have remained over time. With 14, 918, 999 people recorded in July of 2015 (CIA Guatemala), Guatemala is a country where the population increases by 1.82% each year (ibid). With more Guatemalan people smiling, laughing, and welcoming tourists into their land. The truth is, behind each smile there is a story- an untold story. Everything seems calm and at peace when one stops and enjoys Guatemala’s traditions, its colorful clothing, and the people. However, there is another side, a turbulent side where injustice, oppression, and abuse are being committed, especially against women. The side where the victims do not know their rights, decide to remain silent,…show more content…
Machismo is very common among Central American culture, and according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, machismo is an “attitude, quality, or way of behaving that agrees with traditional ideas about men being very strong and aggressive” (430). For further information, machismo is also a “type of relationship between a man and a woman in which the power and control are centered on ‘the man’” (Rodriguez 2). Machismo is seen everywhere, from the Guatemalan Congress with the ratio being of men to women being close to 100:1, to the women’s jobs of being just housewives (Rodriguez 1) and getting deprived from…show more content…
Miguel Aguirre, a gynecologist expressed that his biggest concern on women health was that women in rural areas did not have access to birth control (Rodriguez 4). There are 65% -70% Guatemalans who belong to the Roman Catholic Church of as 2009 (US Department of State Section I). The Spanish incorporated the Church into the Guatemalan tradition when they conquered it. A lot of people still take the Roman Catholic teaching of, “go and be fruitful and multiply the earth” (Rodriguez 4) strictly. This ‘multiplication’ affects everyone. Commonly, families who have a lot of children do not have enough money to feed them all, or feed them properly (Chary, Messmer, & Rohloff 227). Since males are not letting the females work or make progress, they are just receiving one income, which is not enough for everyone (ibid). It also affects the country greatly because more government money goes into these families, and the rate of poverty and malnutrition increases
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