Domestic Violence Awareness

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The objective of this case is to raise awareness of domestic abuse and preventions among readers especially the parents, victims, the victims to be, women and also young girls who are unaware of it. The objectives of this case is achieved. For example the readers were able to digest what have been deliver to them. Readers get to know more on the causes of domestic’s abuse and also ways to overcome it. The importance of continuing to create awareness about domestic violence is included.

Besides that, the objective of this news article provides quick access to safety and services to identify and address emotional, physical, personal, and financial needs involving goal setting and life skills development. For example highly trained staff operate
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For example, there was a comparison made regarding the statistics from the Royal Malaysian Police show that in the whole of 2014, there were 3545 domestic violence cases involving women compared to 3055 involving women in the whole of 2013. Furthermore, the statistics from 2015 are even more startling with 3343 cases of domestic violence reported just between January to…show more content…
All the points mention are sufficient and not dragging. It is focused on the action. Readers are drawn in by active sentences that highlight the stakes, the conflict, or the impact of the event covered, propelling them forward into the story. Lastly, each point is well written with relevant example, explanations and elaborations. The news article also emphasizes on real story such as including experience and sharing it with the readers so that it will awaken reader’s awareness.

The background of this news article is good. This is because the in information collected is sufficient. All the information gathered are relevant to write the article. Moreover, this news article has present a story to readers who may have no knowledge of the subject. This is a huge responsibility, and writers will definitely want to collect as much well-researched and firsthand information as possible.

Besides that, this news article has present the story's background in the right context. For example, this news article is writing all about domestic abuse and readers will definitely want to know and find out what the government stated before, why did it happened, who was involve as in the victims and perhaps the solutions
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