Domestic Drones Social Impact Analysis

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For my Social Impact Analysis term paper I have chosen the topic of domestic drones and the impact on privacy, security and safety in our everyday lives. Not only on how they could negatively impact us but also how they can be used for good in new creative ways. Domestic Drones have been in the news a lot lately in topics ranging from delivering amazon packages to crash landing on the White House lawn. Most of what has been seen on television are negative impacts of the drones and how they are an invasion of privacy flying over residential areas and in backyards and also a safety hazard when being flown around airports and other highly air trafficked areas. While my report will include the negatives my main goal is to detail all the positives that can come from domestic drones. They have great…show more content…
Grant it this was a manned but the concept of the quadcopters drone can trace its root all the way back to this first quadcopters flight. Since that 1908 flight there have been many improvements and developments that have created a small scale drone with many, many applications. There are a countless number companies that have put time, research and money into this newly discovered area of public interest. There is currently big business in the recreational drone industry. There are so many possible uses for these drones that they are currently flying off the shelves. Some companies are looking to drones to fill some positions currently filled by actual people thus reducing their labor costs. Amazon is one of these companies you have probably heard of that is does this by delivering some of its packages ordered online via drone. There are also some pizza places around the globe that are using this same technique to deliver pizzas! What a world we live in today where you can get a pizza delivered by a

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