Domestic Fire Diary

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On 11-14-2015 at about 2106 hours I was dispatched to a domestic violence report at the Emerald Point Condos at 31900 104th AVE SE; H102, Auburn/King/Wa. Enroute dispatch advised the reporting party/victim, Lizbeth Nunez Santana was calling to report that she was assaulted by her husband. The incident occurred about two hours prior and the husband was no longer at the residence.

I arrived at the address and contacted Lizbeth and her cousin, Maribel Chavez.
Throughout my conversation with Lizbeth it was clear that she was very upset, she had to stop speaking several times as she was crying and upset with the situation. Lizbeth reported that about two hours prior to my arrival, her husband of two years, Gustavo Nunez Camacho assaulted her. …show more content…

Lizbeth stated she grabbed her car keys and attempted to quickly run out of the apartment as she also noted
Gustavo was still upstairs. As Lizbeth approached the front door she noticed
Gustavo quickly coming down the stairs toward her. Lizbeth stated she went outside and was attempting to run door the outdoor stairs to the parking lot of the apartment complex when Gustavo reached out to grab her. Lizbeth stated she slipped and fell down three or four stairs cause as small laceration on her left had. Gustavo noticed that Lizbeth fell and quickly went back in the apartment.
Lizbeth got in her vehicle and drove to a nearby Starbucks and called Maribel.
The two later returned to the apartment after speaking with family who advised
Gustavo she was calling the police.

Lizbeth expressed trepidation in wanting to provide a statement about the assault. Lizbeth expressed that Gustavo had lots of control in their relationship and had assaulted her several times in the past. Most recently was last week when Lizbeth stated Gustavo kicked her when he was upset about her taking her son on a trip to Canada. Lizbeth stated Gustavo becomes angry

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