Domestic Food Waste Case Study

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Domestic food waste become a part of solid waste system, and it is the most difficult waste that household can manage because it is wet and putrescible. It be odorous and will attracts files and scavengers. Tim D. Evans(2012) in the study on ‘Domestic food waste -the carbon and financial costs of the options’ found that any food waste that are stored in any open place will give nuisance like bad smelly and also increase the number of bacteria in our place. Pearson (2013), the increasing of the food waste is come from resident’s activities like planning, shopping, waste storage and also preparation and consumption of food in their lifestyle the relationship is the food waste will decrease when the people increase, yet the income of household…show more content…
The situation become worst when the municipal solid waste management system in our country is not well…show more content…
(2007-2008), there are 43 difference reasons for wasted food. All the 43 reason are combine and classification into 6 main reason there is household not responsible for wasted food, household attitude, their habits, shopping style, storage and others. For reason they are not responsible for wasted food because they put blame on the quality if the food. They say that if the food has low quality, it cannot be store for long period. So if they not eat that food early, they will throw it away. For the attitude, they are not really care about the food that cheaper than other food. If the habit is changing like eating habits, changing cooking plans and also high demand for food quality because of the healthier lifestyle will contribute to the increasing of food waste. For the others reason is more about the household produced their own vegetable but when come harvest time, they are not consume all. So the vegetable will be throw away and become food waste. Some products spoil sooner due to improper storage conditions or places (e.g. potatoes started to grow). Moths in the storage were named to be a reason to throw away all contaminated food. Unusual storage place also will contribute to the wasted food because household did not found their own

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