Domestic Helpers Essay

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1. Should Australia Allow the employment of domestic helpers from countries such as China, Fiji, Indonesia, India, the Philippines and Samoa? Yes, Australia should allow domestic helpers. In many of the developing countries the domestic work sector absorbs a significant numbers of workers, many of whom belong to the poor society with little access to other work or employment, basically resulting from a very limited educational opportunity in their host countries. It is a form of aid given to certain countries by allowing their citizens to work abroad. Allowing domestic workers will mean that they are not only holding the demographic profile but will perform various tasks such as cleaning, looking after elderly people and children, guarding the house, driving the children to schools and hospitals, gardening and cooking. Domestic workers would help women to pursue their careers and strengthen their willingness to participate in the…show more content…
What possible legal, political, economic and social challenges could arise with the introduction of a domestic helper scheme? Legal Legislation addressing minimum wage levels and the protection of wages can be major challenge in promoting decent work in the domestic work sector. Some of the countries with domestic workers around the globe do not legislations that protect their domestic workers against labor law infringements therefore government together with ILO to adopt conventions with the aim to protect the workers so that they enjoy the same labor rights as other citizens. Political The politicians address the different dimensions of problems domestic workers face, like exploitation, isolation, unjust treatment and unfair working conditions. The political approach is to combine individual and collective empowerment and policy interventions at different political levels. Economic Domestic helpers are given employment which improves economic prospects for low-income people however it can become a lab shortage issue.
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