Domestic Powerco Case Study Answers

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QUESTION 1 j The reward system within a company is a key element to boost employee´s motivation. As we will see below, monetary rewards are not the only ones. There are also intrinsic rewards that consist of giving recognition to the employees, leading to sense of achievement and satisfaction. We should consider both types to come up with a satisfactory solution. Although Domestic-Powerco launched a series of actions to support engineer´s interaction, communication and knowledge-sharing, they were not completely satisfied. The company encouraged workers to use ICTs, Laptops,…show more content…
However, in this case, I regard intrinsic rewards as better solutions than monetary rewards especially due to the interest shown by the engineers in wanting to have informal meetings in order to have face-to-face interactions. Clearly, the most important issue is the lack of interaction. Therefore, Domestic-Powerco could arrange weekly meals or mini-parties among all the engineers so that they can have these interactions instead of those formal meetings directed by managers. I believe, this would not be so expensive for the company and they would get great results. The company could also arrange recognition programs for their best engineers. I think this kind of events would help to motivate teams because everyone likes to be recognized. Domestic-Powerco could even promote those engineers to senior positions. In conclusion, I think those informal events that the company could arrange would be one of the best solutions, but it should be complemented with other solutions we have provided such as recognition programs and/or monetary rewards. The company is not carrying out any incentive to its engineers and this could trigger serious damage in a long-term period due to lack of
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