Domestic Servants During The Edwardian Era

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The Edwardian era 's domestic servants were nearly invisible. They were the ferocious engine that kept wealthy, manor-housed families clean and comfortable. Female servants were unseen, executing duties in bedrooms and kitchens as Lady 's, Chamber, Laundry and Scullery maids. These servants often came from families with generations of domestic experience, lived with the family they served and were recommended for new positions based on their domestic pedigrees. Today 's maid is part of House Cleaning service, may be male or female and usually works in dual income households. Since modern homes have few connections to reputable domestic help, homeowners seek help through trustworthy referral services and directories. While hiring the service may be more…show more content…
Routine- Weekly or monthly light touch-ups that keep a home clean and tidy. Knickknacks stay on shelves during dusting and furniture stays in place during vacuuming. Moving- In or out, a professional cleaning service removes traces of previous residents. The residence is empty, walls may have been painted and carpets may have been shampooed. The rooms listed for cleaning can also impact cleaning fees as can cleaning appliance and cabinet interiors, or windows and finished basements. Even with added fees, a professional team 's organized attack can yield better results than those of a homeowner cleaning after a demanding work week. However, maid services do not wax, resurface or refinish floors. Unlike Victorian maids, a service might not handle dishes, dirty or clean. Hiring cleaning services through sites like may be money well spent for busy, two income homes. Homeowners can find hiring a cleaning service economical, but may find the greatest value in having time for endeavors that would otherwise yield to vacuuming and dusting. Contemporary domestic services are not the intimate house staff of nonindustrial eras, but professionals who help busy households manage their time more
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