Overview Of Homeland Security And Domestic Terrorism

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Department of homeland security and Domestic Terrorism
One of the major reasons why defining domestic terrorism has proved difficult is because different agencies approach terrorism with their different interpretations (White, 2013). The difference between the various definitions of domestic terrorism lies within the various descriptions given about terrorists’ motivations. White (2013) classified domestic terrorism as either those that are politically motivated or others that attempt greater specificity. It is however difficult to establish and define the motivations of terrorists. It is therefore necessary do in-depth analysis on terrorists’ motivation because their purpose reflects the methods and targets the terrorists are most likely to select.
Domestic terrorism is any intended violent act that violates the criminal laws of a state and endangers the citizens of that particular state. These acts include violent right wings extremists, paramilitary organisations, abortion clinic bombers, violent anti-immigrant groups, use violence in terms of race and ethnicity and any other act that endangers the lives of citizens of a state or acts that violates the criminal laws of that particular state. Therefore, domestic terrorism refers to any kind of crime that violates the peace of domestic citizens. Another
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Sorel stated that terrorism could be defined as an illicit act (irrespective of its perpetrator or its purpose) which creates a disturbance in the public order as defined by the international community, by using serious and indiscriminate violence (in whatever form, whether against people or public or private property) in order to generate an atmosphere of terror with the aim of influencing political action. By defining domestic terrorism this way, the Law enforcement and the department of Homeland security have achieved in understanding domestic

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