Domestic Tourism In Ghana

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China and the US while 4 local airlines working within the African continent. The statistics from the Kotoka international airport suggest that 2014, 32,000 international aircraft travelled to Ghana and more than 1.69 million tourists landed in Ghana that includes arrival and departure.
It was also revealed that 6 airlines served more than three four domestic airports from the Kotoka international airport. 18,600 domestic airlines travelling from one location to another in the domestic environment and 985,000 visitors we noticed in the period of 2014
Domestic tourism in Ghana
A focus on the domestic tourism market should be encouraged and supported while the products and services are developed and expanded to meet both the international markets
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Tour operators can be selected to target a certain desire markets that can be helped by the necessary materials needed to develop such a tourism market segment that will include pictures, proper designed websites and the social media.
The Ghana tourism industry can encourage both the private and public sector marketing groups to put more effort on the sales of tourism products. The combination of both the private and public institutions can effectively market Ghana as a leisure tourism destination and marketing scheme can be developed to share responsibilities to these two sectors. A special budget can be allocated for brand and market master plan.
Based on the marketing plan, tourism products and service together with the tourism resources can be made available on the internet for potential tourists wishing to visit the destination to view and interact. The general diversification of resources that include world heritage sites such as the forts and the castles, natural lakes, the Ashanti kingdom traditional houses, the crocodile pong at Paga, the game reserves, the national parks, beaches , the wildlife reserves, the mole national park, Aburi and the Ghana museums and monument can be very influential to
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However, the starting cost of web page development may not be cheap as it may require software applications development, hardware and maintenance cost. There are many tourists, customers and individual people who use the internet to search for prices of tourism products and service but prefer to pay for these services in person. If we consider the tourism products and services online for instance, customers in Ghana use the internet marketing facilities to check for prices and the facilities available in the tourism organizations such as hotels, museum , but will go there in person to pay for the service while in Europe all hotel payment are booked and paid on the
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