Domestic Trouble Scenarios

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On 02/21/2017, I, Officer Rivera Ayala, responded to the lobby of the Bethalto Police Department in reference to a Domestic Trouble. I met with the complainant, identified as Elaine L. Davison (DOB 07/13/1984). Davison stated that when she got back to her house from running errands, Davison found that somebody had “bleached and messed” her room. Davison stated that she was not sure of who would have done something like this. Davison wanted to have a report on file and for the Police to take pictures of what had happened. I responded to 716 Longfellow to take pictures of the damaged room. Sgt. McMichael also responded. I met Davison at her house. Davison stated that the only suspect that she can think of, is Cameron M. Williams (DOB 05/24/1991)

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