Domestic Violence Act 2005 Essay

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Scope of the act:
Primarily meant to provide protection to a woman or female live-in partner from domestic violence in the hands of the husband or male live-in partner or his relatives, the regulation also extends its protection to girls living in a household which includes sisters, widows or mothers. Domestic violence as per the act consists of actual abuse or threat of abuse whether or not bodily, sexual, verbal, emotional or financial. Harassment by means of way of unlawful dowry needs to the female or her loved ones might also be protected under this definition.[5]
The prominent features of the Protection from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 are as follows:
• The Act seeks to cover those women who are or were in a relationship with the abuser
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Any order made under this Act will be enforceable at some place of India while disposing the authority, the magistrate shall take into account any domestic incident record acquired from the protection officer or provider company. The relief sought under this segment includes the issuance of order of fee or reimbursement or damages without injustice to the proper of such individual to institute suit for repayment or damages for injuries caused by the act of domestic violence. If the magistrate is satisfied that an software prima facie discloses that the respondent is committing or has committed an act of domestic violence or there may be a likelihood of such violence, he may additionally furnish following exparte interim order towards the respondent on the idea of affidavit of the aggrieved man or woman. Magistrate can problem distinct orders together with Protection order, residence order, economic comfort, custody order or compensatory orders as consistent with the situations of the
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