Domestic Violence Against Women Literature Review

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UNICEF in its study in 2001 asserted that traditionally in Nigeria, as in many other African countries, the beating of wives and children is widely sanctioned as a form of discipline14.
Therefore, in beating their children parents believe they are instilling discipline in them, much the same way as in husbands beating their wives, who are regarded like children to be prone to indiscipline which must be curbed. Cases of domestic violence against women have been on the increase in Nigeria. There have been reports of cases of husbands killing and maiming their wives in the newspapers15 and media. The statistics presented by This Day newspaper 2011 are daunting showing that
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IPV is associated with a variety of negative health behaviours. Studies show that the more severe the violence, the stronger its relationship to negative health behaviours by victims10. This include engaging in high-risk sexual behaviour such as unprotected sex, decreased condom use, choosing unhealthy sexual partners, multiple sex partners and trading sex for food, money, or other items10. Women who experience IPV are also likely to use harmful substances and engage in unhealthy diet-related…show more content…
However, in recent times, Intimate partner violence has been highlighted as a Public Health concern20. In 2013, The United Nations Commission on the Status of women reached a historic global consensus that discrimination and violence against women and girls have no place in today’s world20. The agreed conclusions covered all forms of violence against women and girls in all contexts and settings and made it clear that violence against women and girls must be addressed in a comprehensive manner through prevention measures, as well as support for victims and survivors of such violence20. Governments and stakeholders need to take actions aimed at strengthening prevention and response which includes legal and policy

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