Domestic Violence Against Women In Nigeria Literature Review

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LITERATURE REVIEW INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IN NIGERIA UNICEF in its study in 2001 asserted that traditionally in Nigeria, as in many other African countries, the beating of wives and children is widely sanctioned as a form of discipline14. Therefore, in beating their children parents believe they are instilling discipline in them, much the same way as in husbands beating their wives, who are regarded like children to be prone to indiscipline which must be curbed. Cases of domestic violence against women have been on the increase in Nigeria. There have been reports of cases of husbands killing and maiming their wives in the newspapers15 and media. The statistics presented by This Day newspaper 2011 are daunting showing that about 50% of women have been battered by their husbands14. Most women endure, believing they have nowhere to go and believing, that the law will not protect them. Project alert, a non-governmental women 's rights organization16 in a survey on violence against women conducted interviews with women working in the markets and other places of work and girls and young women in secondary schools and universities,…show more content…
This will include; actions aimed at ensuring accountability, to end impunity and punish perpetrators; actions to address social norms and gender stereotypes that perpetuate violence against women and girls; actions aimed to promote and protect the human, sexual and reproductive health rights of all women, such as education, awareness-raising, community mobilization, engagement of men and boys, and the media20. Other strategies include establishment of a range of essential services, programmes and responses for women and girls subject to violence such as legal aid services, health-care services, sexual and reproductive health, and medical services20. Social and rehabilitative services should also be available and

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