Domestic Violence Prevention

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Domestic Violence: Reasons, Effects and Prevention Domestic violence is a momentous phenomenon that can be encountered throughout the world and has been plaguing our society. As every act of abuse, it impacts the victim's health but also heavily affects severely the family dynamics and causes emotional distress that exceeds well beyond the physical trauma, while it also disrupts the society. Domestic abuse takes place due to several reasons linked with the personalities of the parties involved and their socioeconomic status. Most of the times the victims hesitate or are unable to help themselves. Regrettably, despite the progress and the advancement of society, abuse within the family is still considered…show more content…
As an act per se it declares incapability to function within the domestic environment and broken thought process. However, it is undeniable that the recipients and the witnesses, be it adults or children, are the ones who suffer the most. The psychological burden of having a violent and aggressive partner or parent is devastating and bears severe consequences for the minors in the family in particular. Both males and females may be victims of domestic violence, however, women are affected more on every level. According to the dominant social norms that derive from patriarchy and disadvantage women by default, their place is within the restricted limits of the domestic sphere and even society's expectations regarding the behavioral norms of women undermine indirectly her prospects of leaving. McKie's further comment on that is:
Further, historically most societies have ascribed roles and attributes to men and women which afford men domination over women. While contemporary views may challenge these ascriptions of female roles and obligations, women express feelings of responsibility for others, and these feelings are supported by the attitudes of families, schools, workplaces and churches. (McKie
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The most effective way to counter domestic abuse is to provide information and education on the matter starting from schools, as well as the empowerment and removal of the victims from toxic environments. Advocacy groups, health and social workers along the teachers should inform children on the consequences of domestic violence and encourage them to come forward if it occurs to their families or close to
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