Domestic Violence Definition

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Definition of domestic violence Now, many people think that domestic violence is same as corporal punishment. In fact, domestic violence and corporal punishment are different. Corporal punishment is a targeted discipline, usually it is not aimed at injuring someone but tries to correct the wrong behaviors. Domestic violence always occurs between family members. The perpetrators beat, tied up, confinement, mutilation and other means which abused human rights to hurt and destroy family members’ physical, mental, and other aspects. This kind of abuse is only for the perpetrator to release the negativity. Domestic violence victims have a direct effect on the body, so the victim may suffer physical or mental harm even the health and dignity will…show more content…
From his letter, we can clearly feel his heart twisted and desire for revenge. It can be said, whether it is the abuser, or the victim, in this environment cannot have a healthy state of mind. Influence The main impact of domestic violence on the development of young people, in 5 years time in 16 years to mature. Injuries resulted from domestic violence, a large number of youth problems, they often strange character, to people, to things indifferent, biased understanding of a variety of charitable activities, and even hostile to the family and society. They evolved from verbal confrontation with their parents to act against, and even become a manufacturer of domestic violence, the path of delinquency. Negative impact on the healthy growth of young people caused, are: 1.Domestic violence causes severe psychological trauma…show more content…
Erode self-esteem and confidence, demonstrate wrong values. Teenagers are in a crucial period of physical and mental development, either as direct victims or indirect victims of the dangers of domestic violence on young people are not to be underestimated. To this end, the community should be mobilized to do the work of two aspects: on the one hand, it should improve the quality of people, to create a good social environment, and social welfare, prevent and reduce the occurrence of domestic violence from the roots. Second, to strengthen national legislation and increase the penalties. In the field of education, we want to increase the adolescent victims of domestic violence, concerns the establishment of domestic violence relief organizations to take effective remedial measures, save those in distress adolescents under domestic violence, so that the younger generation grows
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