How Does Domestic Violence Affect Teenagers

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Numerous studies have shown that domestic violence has a huge impact on children and teenagers and can lead to internal and external behavioral problems. These can include aggression, anxiety and depression. When children are exposed to violence or abuse, it affects them tremendously when they become teenagers. Adolescence is a time when a person is figuring out who they are and their self-esteem will develop either confidently or not so confidently. When abuse has been in the picture, it is very difficult for an adolescence to develop to their full potential and delinquency can occur. Delinquency is when crimes are committed by young persons, under the age of 18. There are many different types of abuse, each with their own characteristics and each can negatively impact an adolescent’s life. The first and usually most obvious is physical abuse. This might involve bruises, scratches, broken burns or welts. However, not all physical abuse can leave signs. Some parents can resort to slapping or hurting just enough to where it won’t leave a mark. According to the National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence, the effects of this abuse can last a lifetime and usually leads to behaviors such as lying, stealing, fighting or aggression. Teenagers might run away and become prostitutes. They may also skip school or stop going altogether. When you make…show more content…
Domestic violence is violent or aggressive behavior that occurs within the home. It usually involves the abuse of a spouse. Loud arguments, physical violence, or throwing things are all examples of domestic violence. When children are exposed to these outburst, it can negatively impact them as teenagers. At a time in their life when they are figuring out who they are, they are most likely to mimic what they’ve seen their parents do. The parent’s actions will influence a teenager’s life. Parents are the greatest role models in a person’s
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