Domestic Violence In Ghana Essay

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Domestic Violence is one of the commonest forms of gender-based violence. Many women have been battered, abused, raped, butchered, and killed by the men they chose to love or care about. Sadly, for many years, such violence was treated as a private matter but by the introductions of a series of international instruments, such actions have now been established as a criminal offense and states have been given the responsibility of taking positive initiatives to address the problem.
When it comes to global issues, the United Nations and International laws, the responsibility of implementation fall on the States and hence a breach of due diligence in protecting and promoting human rights makes a State accountable for the violations in its jurisdiction.
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The Act outlines a comprehensive legal framework for the prevention of and protection against domestic violence and criminalizes various acts of physical and sexual violence, economic and psychological abuse, and intimidation in domestic relations. Several institutions have been mandated to respond to domestic violence in Ghana. One of such institutions is the Ghana Police Service specifically the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU), The Ministry of women, children and Social Protection and the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice…show more content…
Amoakohene (2004) found that only a few victims of domestic violence in Ghana report abuse due to public mistrust for state institutions and the general trivialization of such issues as barely domestic. The act also mandates the police as custodians of the law to receive complaints, arrest offenders, provide protection and assist victims to receive medical treatment but domestic violence remains under-reported. This implies that there is still a significant gap between the national legal, policy and institutional commitments and the implementation. The institutions mandated to deal with the implementation are constrained by capacity and other logistical challenges (Mitchell,

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