Essay On Domestic Violence Against Women

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INCLUSION OF WOMENS'MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES IN THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACT IN INDIA INTRODUCTION Domestic violence is regarded to be a far more pervasive problems than indicated by police reports. It takes place against a backdrop of gender inequality and sex stereotypes. Traditionally, females in India have been seen situated within certain roles and constrictions, and with that comes certain duties and obligations they are expected to fulfill: namely subservient and obedient wife with very little opportunity of free thinking . The definition of domestic violence or violence against women is at variance under the law between India and the international community. An inclusive definition would reflect the language used by the world Health Organization as a range of sexually, psychologically coercive acts used against adult or adolescent women by current or former male intimate partners. At present nearly a third of all women report being physically or sexually abused at some point in their life by an…show more content…
These forms of violence can be differentiated based on the control contexts in which these acts of violence are embedded (Johnson 1995). These different forms of violence are: 1) Intimate Terrorism: This form of violence is characterized by one partner attempting to exert generalized control over the other partner. (2) Violent Resistance: This form of violence is used by individuals reacting to the coercive control attempts by their intimate terrorist partner. In most cases, this form of violence is used by women against their male partners. (3) Situational Couple Violence: Neither of the partners is exerting generalized control, and the violence in the family is connected to specific situations, although there might be control involved with specific
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