Domestic Violence In Non-Profit Organizations

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Non-Profit Organizations have been around for a long time. Now you might ask yourself “what is a Non-Profit organization? ' Simple really, it 's a foundation exempt from paying taxes, in which also, serves the public 's interest. Some well-known non-profitable organizations are No More Tears, Women in Distress, and Victim Response Inc. otherwise known as the lodge. However, these three organizations deal with domestic violence. Their mission is to stop domestic aggression one step at a time while helping the victims. Each of these agencies deal with the issue differently, however, these organizations are very successful. Physical, sexual, and psychological abuse all falls under the concept of domestic violence. Domestic violence occurs normally when an individual claims control over his or her partner. The victims then feel either scared or too “weak” to leave the aggressor. This issue can cause severe results such as injuries, physiological trauma, or even death. The No More Tears foundation is in charge of assisting the victims. They supply with…show more content…
Women in Distress Broward County, Inc. stops violence by education, tampering and advocacy. This foundation offers emergency shelter, 24-hour crisis line, counseling, and education on domestic abuse. The Women in Distress agency believe in helping the participants recover from victimization, and empowering them to gain self-sufficiency. This foundation gains more than 11,654,313 dollars every year from events, and donations. Many individuals shared their personal story on Women in Distress. For instance, Olga a victimized mother of two kids shared “In Distress has helped me get my children back in school, find an apartment and a job, and get furniture, clothing and more at the Thrift Store. The three of us attend therapy at Women in Distress, and day by day we are growing stronger. Women in Distress have helped to set my family free, so that we don’t have to be captives in our own home
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