Domestic Violence In Popular Music Essay

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Domestic violence is not often discussed in broad daylight. However, a numerous amount of songs from multiple genres and multiple time periods weave the topic into their lyrics. From tales of a past abusive relationships to hate-filled monologues of derogatory rap and violent allusions, they all have a part to play in the vast understanding of domestic violence. Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence is not only caused by men. Women can be abusive as well and, in fact, both partners in the relationship can harm each other. These facts are depicted in the form of real life artists who have either been abused or committed acts of domestic violence and how these people, along with their music, impact us. The portrayal and seemingly glorified status of domestic violence in popular music influences the world in so many ways and causes this subject to appear normal or even acceptable in some cases.
"Over 2,000,000 women, [and] 800,000 men" (Knox). "1 in 3 women and
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The impact of these songs in the real world is a very real dilemma. However, some might argue that there is no way that music causes domestic violence. Although the portrayal of domestic violence in songs doesn’t “make” someone start abusing another person, it often desensitizes the subject and, even, makes it appear that domestic violence is okay. In addition to this, artists who have abused their significant others in the past are showing their fans that it is alright to abuse someone with seemingly no consequences. Whitney Houston said that, when it came to her husband Bobby Brown, she did "...the hitting, he doesn 't." (Fame...). Dr. Dre abused his ex-fiancé, Michel 'le, for years and didn 't receive any repercussions for decades (Blay). In 78% of Eminem 's lyrics, he raps about abusing women including his ex-wife and his own mother (Fernandez). These iconic artists show that violence against a significant other is validated and that, like them, the person committing the crime will
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