Domestic Violence Against Children

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Domestic violence has spread across the world. It occurs in many societies, it doesn’t relate to the geographic location, society-economic status, cultural, age or even religious belief, and it often shows effects such as psychological, mental, social and economic, on children, families and the community. Domestic violence is the exploitation of power granted mainly by parents against children. It occurs when the parents attempt physically or psychologically to oblige the children to something against their well. Domestic violence has many forms and include wide range of behaviours as physical abuse which includes using of weapons, violation on body, locking out of the house and deprivation of sleeping, another forms of violence as verbal abuse…show more content…
They have a thought that being violent with the children would make them raised in a good way. Sometimes they resort to violence to stop the children from doing unethical things such as when the parents know that one of their children has done a wrong thing; in this case the parents start to use many forms of violence including the physical abuse by beating and knocking them, using weapons and violating on the body. The social abuse which includes the isolation from family gathering and friends meeting and deprivation from the entertaining things as mobile phones and watching TV, and the emotional abuse including the blaming and threatening and economical abuse which is prevention from the pocket money. According to Shahe (2015) some forms of family violence is related to abuse the female member of the family who behaved in unethical way that is thought to brought shame and dishonor to the family, sometimes it may lead to killing or punishing to restore the family’s…show more content…
And everyone should have fundamental rights as physical integrity, security, liberty, education, consensual marriage and health care. The governments and international organizations made organizations and programs to let the people know the rights that every child must have and the duties that he must give. Many parents realized that the violence is not the solution for any problem.

The family violence problem could be solved if everyone followed the religious approach and perform what his religion has asked him to do, as being loyal and caring to the family is something that every religion has commanded to be done. As being a family every member should care about others and help them not neglecting them, when one of the children done something wrong, the parents should deal with it quietly without any violence and explain that what they have done is wrong and shouldn’t be done again as it wrong without any threaten. The family problems should be solved for the children’s benefit and securing their
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