Domestic Violence In Society: The Role Of Government And Society

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The Role of Government and Society According to Malaysia Domestic Violence Act 1994, domestic violence is an action that causing physical injury to the victim, and psychological abuse which includes emotional injury, as well as damage to property with intent to cause distress to the victim; by a person against his or her spouse, his or her former spouse, a child, an incapacitated adult and any other member of family. Domestic violence affects various people in the family system including intimate partner, women, a teenage girl, children and an incapacitated adult in Malaysia. Domestic violence issue, however, indirectly impacted these minority group. However, women experiencing intimate partner violence are more likely having poor physical and mental health due to anxiety and depression…show more content…
The impact of domestic violence which have encourage our group to study about this issue and Domestic Violence Act 1994. The target group for domestic violence in this study is women and children whereby they always become the victim of domestic violence. The role of society on this issue is they can lodge a report in the police station when they found out domestic violence. The mass media can bring awareness to people via advertisement so that people realize how severe domestic violence is. Society has to concern this issue due to the influence of domestic violence The role of government on this issue can be seen while having collaboration with social welfare department, medical team, and NGO. Other than that, government enacted the Domestic Violence Act 1994 to control domestic violence. The court is given the authority to make a protection order or Interim Protection Order to help the

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