Domestic Violence In The Burning Bed

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The film I decided to write about was “ The Burning Bed.” Farrah Fawcett, who is the main character in the film is a victim of domestic violence and serious past of abuse with her ex husband Paul. The Burning Bed starts off with Farrah and Paul as young adults who fell in love with one another and had three children. Shortly after being together the two had children then got married, throughout the relationship Paul abused Farrah constantly in front of family and their children. Paul’s family was completely blind to the abuse and it turned out Farrah had no one in her corner trying to help her. Over time, police reports were made and then a divorce was finally filed when she was pregnant with her third child. The Burning Bed showed the significance of the fight for self determination, domestic violence, and gender roles. The fight for self determination means the fight to want to be strong, independent, willing to…show more content…
I call these people insecure, but these people are usually men but not always. This violent and aggressive behavior takes place in the home and is a hard situation to get out of. Examples of domestic violence portrayed in the film was Paul slapping Farrah in front of her friends and his guest, she would go to her room and cry and he would always come and apologize and say he didn't mean too. Every time he would abuse her it would get worse and worse and to the point they had to be separated by the police. Another example is, when Paul pulled Farrah’s hair and dragged her out the house and beat her, he hit her with closed fist and opened fist. The last example of domestic violence that was in the movie was when Paul banged her head against the glass multiple times to where her head was dripping in blood and she ran to his moms house and hid in the closet. The cops arrived but said they could not take him because they didn't see him do
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