Domestic Violence In The Dressmaker

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Directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, The Dressmaker, starring Kate Winslet, is an iconic Australian film that portrays the story of a famous clothing designer named Tilly who after 20 odd years returns to her hometown to care for her ailing and mentally unstable mother, Molly. Set in a small town named Dungatar in rural Australia in the 1950’s, The Dressmaker is a story that revolves around the theme of revenge as Tilly explores her tormented past and retaliates against the townspeople who had made her childhood a living hell. The Dressmaker delivers a sort of contemporary twist on the classic Spaghetti Western films that dominated the film industry during the mid-1960s. The western style theme of revenge incorporated into The Dressmaker, combined with multiple other elements adopted from Spaghetti Western films, transforms and enhances the movie into a visually stunning piece…show more content…
In contrast, The Dressmaker does contain strong lead roles, however majority of them being female rather than male. This modification present in The Dressmaker encourages the theme of women’s empowerment showcased in the story and overall engages a modern audience with its contemporary approach to a current issue. Another theme that is also addressed in The Dressmaker which is not viewed in Spaghetti Westerns is the theme of domestic violence. Both Molly and Marigold are understood as being victims of abuse under antagonist Evan Pettyman. Nevertheless, identical to most Spaghetti Western conclusions, it is the protagonist who triumphs and the antagonist who catches defeat. The Dressmaker follows a similar structure however with a modern twist. Tilly fulfills her goal yet leaves it to Evan’s wife, Marigold whose motives had been influenced by Tilly, to take down her husband. This exhibits a connection with the theme of women’s empowerment and power as Marigold finds her voice and murders her
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