Domestic Violence Sociology

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Domestic violence is an ongoing matter which occurs worldwide. When thinking about domestic violence, one might automatically think about women being the victim, however it is very common for men to be victims in domestic violence disputes as well. According to a national survey done in 2010 by the U.S. Department of Justice and Centers of Disease Control, more men were victims of intimate partner physical violence within the last twelve months. Also over 40 percent of severe physical violence was directed at men (SAFE, 2015). Men being abused is an issue that is overlooked with very little sources available to male victims of domestic violence (SAFE, 2015). The Role Gender Plays on D.V. The role of gender plays a major role in domestic…show more content…
Upon doing research on male domestic violence victims, I learned a variety of new things. One thing I learned was, studies show that in their relationships with male partners or spouses, women are more aggressive or physically aggressive than men (SAFE, 2015).Working with male domestic violence victims is different than working with women. Something else I gained from my research was the suggested best practices for providers who work with male crime victims. For example, service providers should help victims engage in their support systems, provide information and education regarding trauma and its aftermath, and actively assess victims for things such as suicidal thoughts and ways to properly intervene (Lisak, 2012). I also learned why gay men who are being abused stay in the relationship. 1 in 5 gay men experience domestic violence or abuse (Cruz, 2003). There are a lot of reasons in which gay men remain in abusive relationships. Reasons for gay men staying and accepting the abuse include: love, fear, lack of knowledge, gay men’s constructions of masculinity, the hope for change, lack of assistance, loneliness, and loyalty (Cruz, 2003). I also learned that domestic violence agencies are less helpful to male victims than friends, mental health and medical personnel, which is very sad. According to research, men who seek help for their victimization unfortunately have the least positive experiences with personnel of the domestic violence (SAFE, 2015). Lastly, I learned that one of the reasons for the underreporting of male domestic violence victims include: the nature of the abuse that women are likely to use, them having thoughts or feelings that police are skeptical of a woman 's ability to harm a man, and also because of issues of masculinity (Valparaiso

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