Domestic Violence Women

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Domestic violence is a very serious problem that occurs all over the world, women are commonly the victims of domestic violence because they feel more vulnerable, also they are often times not taken seriously and lastly women have a hard time leaving their abusive relationships. When it comes to domestic violence women often feel vulnerable because in society the male dominates and whenever a woman faces any sort of violence with a male they seem to be powerless and scared. The article ‘Canada’s family violence rates are staggering, says new report.’ States that “While it’s hard for some to believe a person would stay in an abusive situation there are many reasons why they do: out of fear for themselves or other family members, emotional…show more content…
She reported her fears to police twice, and shortly after the last complaint she was stabbed to death in her Montreal home.” Renzetti, E. (2015, May 11). We are failing the victims of domestic violence. Para.6) In my opinion, this is a good example of a women not taken seriously when it came to domestic violence, I believe when someone calls the higher authority in regards to any abuse being physically or mentally they should come to the home immediately, and I believe that men and women are both equal and the fact that the police officers failed to come to her house with her scared for her life shows that the police force has failed to stop any more forms of abuse. Lastly, I believe that in both journals’ women were not taken seriously by the higher authority being the doctors and police officers when they were the victims of…show more content…
In long-term relationships, it is hard for a couple to separate, even when the male in the relationship is being abusive towards his partner being the female because the female is simply scared of the consequences, also, in the journal ‘Female domestic violence victims ' experiences of hospital care’ it states that “Several women chose not to disclose the domestic violence because their partner was present whilst being questioned by the health care professional” Gasser, H. I. (2008). Female domestic violence victims ' experiences of hospital care--a literature review. P295., In my opinion, I don’t think any partner should be in the same room as the abused individual because there could be a lot of missing information if the suspect is present during the questioning about the assault. While the victim being, the female is being questioned about the assault she could possibly be scared mentally while the health care professional is asking her questions because the person who abused her is watching her at the same time, I believe that when the abused individual is in the room as the health care professional and the abuser is not, the victim of the domestic violence can tell the truth about what really happened and justice could be served, there were a lot of cases where the spouse simply didn’t say anything because they were scared of the consequences because for one if the abuser finds out most likely they will abuse the victim even
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