Domestic Workers Essay

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This study focused on the situation of our domestic workers in our country and in Southeast Asia. The first part tackles the scope of domestic work in the Philippines (Sayres, n.d.) and the population of working domestic workers or Kasambahays in our country. It is cited in this study that according to the April 2002 Labor Force Survey showed that there were more than 1.3 million Filipino families that employ domestic workers and it also included that the estimated number of domestic workers or Kasambahays in the Philippines may be 2.5 million according to the Visayan Forum Foundation (Sayres, n.d.). “The 2001 NSO Survey on Children 5-17 Years Old indicated that of the 4 million working children in the Philippines, 230,000 worked in private households, with 120,000 working children living away from home employed in private households” (Sayres, n.d.) and most of these domestic workers, may it be adults or working children are female (Sayres, n.d.). The…show more content…
Some of the positive consequences that are mentioned are: the Kasambahays feel that they are being taken good care of by their extended family and they feel like they’re already part of the family (Sayres, n.d.). On the other hand, the downfall of this culture are the following: On the part of the employer, they usually do not recognize their legal obligations to their relative-Kasambahay, they do not recognize the employer-employee relationship and they usually do not admit that they hired a domestic worker when questioned especially those who hired working children due to the fact that they know they are not able to comply with the law; on the part of the Kasambahay, they lack knowledge when it comes to their legal rights which is why they are not able to assert the rights that are rightfully theirs (Sayres,
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