Abuse Of Domestic Workers Essay

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Abuse of Domestic Workers in Cyprus
Demetris Kasapis
University of Nicosia

The investigation relates to abusement of servants in Cyprus. The article begins with a brief account of how the maids in Cyprus are becoming a vulnerable group who tend to accept various risks and abuses today. Also referring to the consequences that women may face after abuse and how we can tackle this problem. It is obvious that today many women are facing serious abusement issues and do not know how to cope with this situation. Introduction
The topic I have chosen is the abuse of domestic workers. Abuse of domestic workers covers the violence and harsh environment faced by many workers within their working environment. The abuse of domestic workers is specifically covered according to what occurs in Cyprus. It is one of the main problems that exist in our country. Given that childcare and hygiene is one of the responsibilities exclusively for women, a large number of women that are mainly immigrant’s work as
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Despite social progress, violation of women's rights continues and is widely known to be due to gender differences in mainly the form of abuse rape and sexual harassment. Most often it is difficult to describe a situation or an incident of violence. Occasionally there is the possibility of abuse taking place but rarely recognized. This very often happens in Cyprus since the media do not choose to report incidents like the abuse of a maid. One of the main ways that you can perceive the abuse of a person is firstly to identify that both the physical or mental integrity of themselves and their freedom have been violated. Abuse against women has to do with the exercise of any violent behaviour or attitude that causes damage and pain that any unfortunate woman may

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