Dominican Republic Geography

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Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic has a beautiful scenery and is a great destination for vacation. The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola, along with Haiti to the west. The Atlantic Ocean is to the north and the Caribbean Sea is to the south of the Dominican Republic. “Hispaniola is formed by the peaks of two undersea mountain chains, one coming from Cuba, and the other from Jamaica.” (World Book Online Student | Dominican Republic). The Dominican Republic has a thrilling physical geography, a warm climate, a thriving government, a successful economy, a unique culture, and many interesting facts. Even though the Dominican is small, it is very beautiful. The total area of the Dominican Republic is 18,815 square…show more content…
The Dominican Republic has a warm tropical climate, and an average temperature of 77 degrees fahrenheit. In protected valleys, sometimes the temperature can reach over 100 degrees fahrenheit. In the mountains, it can get to a low of 32 degrees fahrenheit. The dry season is from November to April, and the rainy season is from May to November. The average amount of rainfall is 60 inches per year. The Dominican Republic has a tropical maritime climate zone. As a result, the climate has a moderate to warm temperature, making it a wonderful place to live. The government plays an important role in learning about the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is a representative democracy. There are three branches to it. Those are executive, legislative, and judicial. Danilo Medina has been the president since 2012. He is 66 years old. The capital of the Dominican Republic is is Santo Domingo, and the population is 2,851,300 people. It is located on the south side of the Dominican Republic and is north of the Caribbean Sea. All in all, the government seems to be doing…show more content…
The official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish. Hablas espanol? The Dominican Republic’s religion is mostly Roman Catholic Church. They celebrate Independence Day on February 27. As you can see, the culture of the Dominican Republic is unique. Sometimes the coolest facts about a country are found in the interesting facts. Larimar is a mineral only found in the Dominican Republic. It has a light turquoise color and is very pretty. Robinson Cano is a second baseman for the Seattle Marines baseball team. The national name for the Dominican Republic isn’t actually the Dominican Republic. It is called the Republica Dominicana. The population of the Dominican Republic is 10,349,741 people. As a result, every country has many different interesting facts. In conclusion, the Dominican Republic is a great place. It has a beautiful landscaping, along with a pleasant climate, and a strong government. The economy is going steady, the culture is continuing to be fascinating, and the interesting facts keep getting better and better. Like I said, the Dominican Republic is the destino perfecto (perfect destination) for your vacaciones perfectas (perfect

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