Dominican Republic Identity

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The world is made up of a huge population of species. Humans are categorized as one specie. However, humans are diverse and come in a variety of different forms. They pertain to a culture and societies who share many elements in common. Although, people are born with an identity, power and society create a separation between humans.
Humans are born with an identity that establishes them within a culture and society. Been born within a country does not entitle belonging within the society or culture. Not all societies are open for outsiders to fit within their society. Having the wrong identification can bring some people some horrible consequences. For instance, in the Dominican Republic someone identified as a Haitian was less than someone
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Well, this can be answer going back in time, the creation of the new world. The settlement of the Europeans, importation of African slaves and the integration of native people created a larger population. Within this group of people they created a population of mulatto and mestizo throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. This brings up the theory of ethnicity assimilation. Assimilation is an individual or group of people settle in another culture that is more dominant. In this case Haiti people establishing themselves in the Dominican Republic. The Haitian people were not accepted within the Dominicans because of their skin color as explain in the article “Race in the Dominican Republic”. In the Dominican Republic if a person was “black” there was no value on them even though they had an identity. Ethnicity and race differences happen everywhere. Through time power and society have classified humans into…show more content…
The creation of the new world and colonization in result created ethnic and racial makeup of the people in Latin America and the Caribbean. Now as society kept being constructed government was created to keep order in society. Government been the power has the ability to create differences between races and ethnicities. For instance, Yadira Perez Hazel wrote about the Dominican Republic constitution ruling in 2013. The constitution ruling denies citizenship to some newborn if the newborn was born to foreign diplomats and if one of the parents is transit. The government took it a step further by auditing birth certificates. Through abolishing humans from society created discrimination and actions against a group of people. Theory of racial democracy, racism in the Latin America and Caribbean is not less insightful than in the United States. In a political view a country wanted to be represented as “white” not “black”. The country wants to be nominated by white therefore, abolish dark skin people and deny African ancestry background so they would not become powerful. The country whitened the nation by distancing the nation ideologically, symbolically and physically from any neighbor surrounding. The separation of race is a manipulation of power by the government. People try to follow the power and separate themselves from what is considered

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