Dominican Republic Research Paper

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Dominican Republic’s Culture
República Dominicana para siempre – Dominican Republic Forever! Dominican Republic has a very interesting culture. My grandparents and parents are natives of the Dominican Republic, which makes me the first generation that is American. This country is an island that is very mountainous. One of the neighboring countries is Haiti. There are many common cultural practices in this nation. Even though most of my family is from this country, we generally don’t follow the common cultural practices of this country – but it is still of a great interest to me.
There is a lot of interesting stuff about Dominican Republic, let me tell you about it! The capitol is Santo Domingo. There are a lot of people in Dominican republic, the population is actually 10.4 million people. A lot of people there actually grow crops like sugar cane and corn but mostly sugar cane. Some people even sell some crops like coffee, they also sell cigars. The people there are Roman Catholic. As it says in the book “Dominican Republic”, “Many Catholics in the Dominican Republic combine their faith with traditional beliefs and practice Voodoo, Santeria, Gaga.” Also it is very hot in Dominican Republic, and the people are divided into different class.
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Out of those practices one of them is that they are very religious, like it mentions in the book “Dominican Republic”, “90 percent of Dominicans are catholic”. That means that only 10 percent aren’t! Another one of those cultural practices is woman class, the book “Dominican Republic”, “A woman often is expected to be as self- sacrificing and as dutiful as the Virgin Mary”. Also the social class system is very unique, only 5 percent make up the “upper class”, about 35 percent of the population belongs to the “middle class”, and the remaining 60 percent make up the “lower
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