Dominican Republic Social Issues

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Section 1: Dominican Republic Overview
Geographic Description
The Dominican Republic is a beautiful island located on a larger piece of land called Hispaniola. The tropical land takes up two-thirds of Hispaniola which equals out to be roughly 19,000 square miles, while its sister island, Haiti, takes up the rest. According to an article by world atlas, there are four significant mountain ranges. Lesser ranges cover the northern coastlines, and the southwestern border areas with Haiti (World Atlas). The Dominican Republic lies between the
Caribbean and Atlantic Oceans having a population of about 10 million people. The capital Santo Domingo, which is located on the southern part of the island, accounts for 2.3 million of the population. The
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“According to the most recent of the annual country reports released by the U.S. State Department, “child prostitution and other abuses of children, trafficking in persons are among the criminal and social problems occurring in the Dominican Republic” (Caribbean Events). Prostitution in the Dominican is legal, however child prostitution is illegal as it should be. The same article also states that “The Dominican Republic’s proximity to the United States and Europe, and its inexpensive travel packages, have made it a favored spot for sex tourism” (Caribbean Events). Violence with young children has also been a problem in the Dominican Republic. “Dominican youngsters from poor backgrounds are increasingly drawn into a life of crime. Violent crime has rocketed in the country over the past ten years as drug trafficking gangs have become more active” (SOS Children’s…show more content…
It is easy and cheap for foreigners to participate in sex tourism. Another huge one is sand, sun, and sea tourism, or otherwise known as the 3S tourism. The Dominican Republic is on an island with endless sea views, beautiful white sand beaches, and warm tropical sun. The Dominican Republic is one of the most visited places in the world because of this. Another tourism category it can fall under is agricultural tourism. The capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, is an old town with tons of history and stories behind it.
Major Attractions in the Dominican
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