Ap World History Dbq

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Kacie Lee 2/15/18 Tomasetti AP World P.6 ID #20 1. Dominion of Canada (522) Once Britain gave Canada independence, the British North America Act of 1867 was established. This act brought Quebec, Ontario, and many more provinces together – they were called the Dominion of Canada. Each region had their own ruler, governor, and legislature, who each served as part of the British crown. A federal government with a governor was created, which was the main rep for Britain. The Dominion of Canada gained regional jurisdiction over all Canada’s affairs which Britain had control over the foreign parts. 2. La Reforma (524-525) President Benito Juárez started a movement, called La Reforma, which attempted to reform society for the Mexican people. La…show more content…
In the United States, the highest class were the rich white males from European descent. Although slavery ended, they still were treated with injustice because of the racist society of this time period. Natives were forced onto reservations, and the U.S. attempted to assimilate their culture. Migrants helped bring other cultures from around the world into the U.S., however, migrants from Asia were later banned from coming in. In Canada, there was also a social hierarchy. However, slavery was still allowed. Migrants, especially from China, came for gold and created Chinatowns. Both the migrants and colored were not able to participate in politics, unlike in the U.S., where freed slaves were able. There were mixed people in Canada, called metis, who attempted to rebel. In Latin America, the top of the hierarchy were the creoles, the people from European descent and born in the new world only. Next in the social structure were the people who were from a mixed background, like the mestizos. On the bottom were the natives and slaves. Many migrants from Europe helped places like Buenos Aires become
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