Domino's Marketing Mix Essay

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Marketing Mix:-
Marketing mix refer to key elements organization used to enhance their product and brand to increase their revenue and market (Market mix,2018)
• Domino’s Pizza is popular for their taste and for various choices of pizza crusts.
• It is well known for their NEW YORKER range pizza’s.
• They offer pizza’s in specialty design boxes which keep them hot and fresh.
• Product offered in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories.
• In order to capture market ,Domino’s came out with the unique concept of localizing the flavor’s.
• Apart from pizza’s, Domino’s deal with other food products such as garlic bread, chicken wings , cheesy chips and gravy and deserts as well like Choco-lava cake.
• Domino’s offers choices on topping’s, dips
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• Domino’ s bring their product in market by expanding franchisee outlets .
• They have self-service system as well as they have hungry hotline number 0800 30 40 50 which helps customer to order .
• Domino’s Pizza New Zealand also boasts about its commitment to serve its customer on time.
• Domino’s constantly strives to develop products that suits the taste of the customers.
• And they believes strongly in the strategy of “Think Local and Act Regional”.

Physical Evidence :
• Domino’s Pizza franchisee has standard.
• Domino’s expanded their franchisee in such a way that customers can access easily to their restaurants.
• Domino’s use the modern technology equipment which legally approved and as per their standard world-wide.

SECTION 2-Environmental Audit
1.Swot Analysis.
It is a method to find strengths, weakness, opportunities ,and threats for your organization (SWOT Analysis, n.d)
• Highly experienced management and franchisee owners.
• Good quality products and high standard outlets .
• A wide range of food products .
• High-quality food products at reasonable

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