Domino's Marketing Strategy

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5.2. Price in the marketing mix of Domino’s pizza (Bhasin, Marketing mix of Domino’s, 2017) Domino’s motto is “Best of Quality with Reasonable Pricing”. The lower middle class and middle-class income groups are their main targets. As Domino’s has come up with a uniform and consistent pricing policy, it helps them to keep the base price in check and helps to attract customers. Looking at the competitors, Domino’s has been evenly prized with Pizza hut. But the prices are high as compared to KFC and McDonalds. Affordability is the key to the success of Domino’s. To maintain the price level many new and innovative schemes are launched regularly. It gives its customers value for one’s money always. Special discounts and offers are offered at…show more content…
The pricing strategy adopted by them is 'market skimming '. As they want to grab the maximum share of the market by maximum profit, they have adopted this pricing strategy. This is a golden era for Dominos pizza, as there is only one competitor and, Dominos is free to charge any price they want. Due to the uniqueness of their products, Dominos charge higher prices. As their food quality is worth the price paid they can easily satisfy the target market. To get the worth of quality and to get maximum profits they implement this pricing strategy. Dominos introduces new entrants to the market with lowered prices, but not to a greater extent. This happens because Dominos’ quality food products are not home-produced and they are imported from different countries keeping in view the best…show more content…
Domino’s allows all types of consumers to enter the market. It offers a range of pizzas at different prices allowing for entry into the market at different points, with the standard pizzas being priced lower than the gourmet pizzas. Its products and pricing reflect the interests of its customer base. Pizzas are diverse and encompass many flavors. Everyday Standard pizzas start at Rs: 260 and have wide appeal to all types of consumers. Domino’s has recognized that consumers are seeking healthier choices. As a new strategy they have introduced two everyday pizzas for just Rs: 590 which enable everyone to enjoy their pizzas. Compared to other fast food restaurants in Sri Lanka, Dominos offers more budget healthy packages for their
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