Domino's Pizza History

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Background Domino's Pizza is an American pizza restaurant chain was founded in 1960. In February 2018, it became the biggest seller pizza all over the world, and in the United States relies on a series of global retail sales company. Fun Facts: • 70% of the items on Domino's menu are new since 2008. • There are more than 34 million ways to create a single Domino's pizza. • Pepperoni is the most popular U.S. pizza topping, followed by mushrooms, sausage, ham and green peppers. • Breadsticks were the first national non pizza menu item offered at Domino's, in 1992. • Domino's World's Fastest Pizza Maker Dennis Tran can make three large pizzas in just 34.36 seconds. Advertising Domino’s was known for its advertising. And they are also making…show more content…
And then the video went viral immediately and Domino's Pizza immediately launched into a social media crisis. As we know that rejuvenating a brand image is very difficult and it needs more than advertising, and it takes time and efforts. Domino’s Pizza made mistakes. But they were able to launch a communication ways that saved its brand from potential impact strategy. Although Domino did not have the presence of social media yet, it was quick to be notified about the crisis thanks to their loyal fans. If they did not report to them, who knows how long it might take for them to detect and respond to the…show more content…
Saudia Milk This brand is associated with high quality and nutrition that is ideal for the whole family. And it’s enriched by each pack of Saudi milk with vitamins and minerals to ensure healthy nutrition. For me I prefer this brand and I'm loyal to it, because I really care about the taste, quality and the different types of milk that they have. Conclusion Brand image and brand loyalty is the most important deterrent of the brand equity that affects consumer perceptions in the market, and at the same time the impact of brand equity, it’s a set of beliefs play an important role in the decision-making process of the buyer when customers evaluate alternative brands. If a brand stick to some strategies and never change it, it will lose their loyal customers because customers trying to finding the best for them no matter what and people do care about high quality with affordable
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