Domino's Pizza Case Study

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Domino 's Pizza
Background history:
Domino 's Pizza is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, an international pizza restaurant chain, founded in 1960, has more than 8000 stores (2006) by the Tom Monaghan (Tom Monaghan) in 50 countries in 2004, and is America 's second largest pizza chain 2003 annual sales of more than 400 million US dollars, first quarter performance outside the United States. Domino 's the literal translation of the meaning of dominoes. Domino 's founder, Mr. Monaghan initial idea was at home businesses, the three meet, so I chose a little domino or two shop signs.
McDonald 's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a famous fast food, pizza field, people would first think of Pizza Hut, then feel another name - "Domino", although Domino 's second-largest pizza chain, but it is in the legend, a shorter after the time to create a painful, born out of a frustration! Monaghan "domino founder," said: "In my life, there are times when I call you a loser." But he called the "Pizza Tiger", every time I rise from the ashes, facing the audience and greater victories.
Analysis of Domino 's Pizza brand marketing situation:
Brand marketing is the core idea is to brand marketing, through its eight advantages in terms of brand reputation. As a result of brand marketers to develop production and business software advantages, the formation of a higher degree of capital intensive intangible assets,
Therefore, brand marketing is a kind of higher risk, capital intensive, sales channel

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