Domino's Pizza Case Study

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Domino 's Pizza Inc is a large American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960. Its name was DomiNick 's the point at which it set up by two siblings Tom and James Monaghan from Michigan. James sold his offer in the organization to his sibling following 8 months from cooperating. Tom turned into the sole proprietor of the pizza outlet. In 1965, the eatery network changed its name to Domino 's Pizza Inc. By 1978 the organization had extended quickly and bragged 200 establishments all through the US. After 38 years, Tom Monaghan the owner of Domino 's decided to sell his share to another company, Bain Capital, for a whopping $1 billion in 1998. Domino 's Pizza is currently the second biggest home pizza conveyance organization in America and has a worldwide nearness with 9,000 corporate and establishment outlets working crosswise over 60 diverse global markets utilizing 145,000 representatives around the world (, 2010).

Domino 's Pizza faced a big crisis in 2009. That was on Sunday, April 2009, two Domino’s employees in Conover, North Carolina (USA) who were bored. They uploaded a video on YouTube. The video was about showing themselves when they was preparing food and they did disgusting things. It was putting cheese up on their noses before putting into food then to home delivery. A million people saw the video before they were pulled two days after the fact. Domino 's Pizza reputation was damaged. It investigated by the health department

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